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I believe you are the one
who lights the way through the darkness.
It is you who reaches deep inside,
to see, to know... to feel.
You are the one that inspires visions
of another life to come.
You inspire all that I do,

all that I am.
I believe you to be
the keeper of my heart,
the ruler of my dream..



LIVE from Vancouver. Kitsilano Beach...

Latest NEWS - I've moved from Kit' Beach - Iím now living in Toronto, Although I miss Vancouver.

I have a new lovely daughter born Feb 19, 2003, who is the world to me.

Currently separated and fighting for full custody.


Perception isnít reality

For those closed minded

Perceptions are based on insecurities and past experiences

We are all the sum of our past experiences.

What we chose to do with our past experiences defines who we are.

We can chose to be bitter and let it eat away at our soul

or we can chose to learn from our experiences

Ė grow and expand our horizons, share our knowledge

with the ones we LOVE. The choice is up to YOU


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