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Glad you made it to my 411 page

Full Name: Woo-Young ####
English Name: None
Nickname: Chewie (no not named after Chewbacca from Star Wars)
Date of Birth: Feb. 16, 1967
Family: Father, Mother and 2 Sisters (cute dongsengs)
Future Goals: Build my home along the BC Coast
Interests: Art - Art defined as progress
        Lacrosse - The greatest Sport on Earth - played all through High School and my First year in University ( U of York)
         Beach Volleyball - Come down to Kit’s Beach, Spanish Banks or Jerico Beach and you can find me playing.
         Soccer (football) - Greatest Joy in my final year of High School was to Coach the Senior Girls Soccer team. Also, I miss coaching my 8 and 9 year old team.
         Hockey - The coolest game on Ice, of course - being Canadian - can there be another sport. I started playing Hockey before I could speak English when I came to Canada =)

Likes: Just about everything
Dislikes/Pet peeves: Wanna be aSiAn HoMmIeS.. Ya BOYIEEEEEEEEEE..


Oh before I go,a while back, some one asked me if I was Korean-Canadian or Canadian-Korean ???… I thought about this question for a long time.

You know, the more I think about this, the question seems quite ignorant and intinitely irrelevent.

What does it matter !!!  In my humble opinion I was born in Korea to Korean Parents so this makes me Korean and I have lived in Canada and I am also Canadian by experience.

My answer would be I am not a Korean-Canadian nor am I a Canadian-Korean.

I will tell you that I am Korean and I am Canadian. I truly believe in Korean Pride and in Canadian Pride.

And for those Ultra Nationalistic Korean  folks. .and other Racists… Go to hell…
.I believe in One race and ONE race only.. the HUMAN RACE…. Peace…